Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June 5

8:01 am I had a great night sleep last night. I have every night since coming. Yesterday we drove around more of the county and saw Rural Studio buildings. We went to see the Butterfly House, and the Glass Chapel made out of car windows. Four women and about 12 kids sat underneath the chapel playing cards, laughing, staying cool. We met AJ in front of his house, the Carpet House, so named because of its exterior; old carpet squares stacked one on top of another make up the outside of the building. I asked AJ what he thought about it. “I love it. I think it’s so awesome,” he said with a huge grin.
Further around that same area—kids, old men and women, a mama dog and her pups—looked like nothin’ doin’...to us, anyway. We came back around 3:30 and took naps, long ones. Last night we hung out on the porch with Joe (RS graduate, still here to finish up the Lion’s Park project) and learned a bit more about the way things are around here. We had beers and cheddar cheese and wheat thins for supper. Today we’ll meet Pam.

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Ann Smith said...

Keep writing about what you see and what you feel. We're paying attention and we're interested.